30 Years of Safe Operations
Offshore Alaska







Production began at Nikaitchuq in 2011. The 11-acre offshore artificial gravel island is located at Spy Island, about 2.8 miles from shore, in 10 feet of water. The facilities have been designed and built using technology aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment: zero flaring, pipe-in-pipe technology for hydrocarbon transportation, spill containment devices in all modules and low emission turbine generators.



Finished in 2008, Oooguruk is located in 4.5 feet of water about 5 miles offshore in Alaska’s Beaufort Sea. The field is expected to produce oil and gas for 25 to 30 years.

Liberty Project Location

Located 15 miles east of Prudhoe Bay in Foggy Island Bay, Liberty Island will sit about six miles offshore in 19 feet of water. The area is well protected from the moving polar icepack, shielded by a belt of offshore barrier islands and covered by stable “shore-fast” sea ice in winter.

North Slope Oil Field Map

Hilcorp’s Safety Commitment

Innovation drives us to continually improve our processes and environmental performance.

Hilcorp integrates and applies environmental values into our day to day operations. We know that operating safely and responsibly is the only way to sustain our business and strengthen our communities. Our employees take pride in operating in a safe and environmentally responsible way. Our operations personnel and contractors strive to work safely while being respectful of our neighbors and the environment.

Integrity guides us to always do the right thing.

The Development Plan

The development plan calls for construction of a self-contained island connected to land by a subsea pipeline. Other islands of this type were safely constructed and have been developing Alaska’s offshore resources responsibly for nearly 30 years: Endicott, Northstar, Oooguruk and Nikaitchuq.


Download the Liberty Project Development Plan

The Liberty Project


The Liberty oilfield contains one of the largest potential sources of new light oil production on the North Slope, with an estimated 80-130 million barrels of recoverable oil. As the Liberty Unit Operator, Hilcorp Alaska LLC is currently pursuing all of the necessary permits and authorizations to develop the Liberty reservoir. Development of this resource will help offset declining light oil production on the North Slope and contribute to increasing the life span and efficiency of TAPS.

If the project is developed, peak production is estimated to be 60,000 barrels/day from a total of five production wells.

Hilcorp in Alaska

Major oil producer on North Slope

  • Operates 2 offshore production islands
    • Endicott & Northstar
  • Operates Milne Point onshore field
  • Operates associated oil & gas pipelines
  • Filed development plan for Liberty

Largest producer of oil and gas in Cook Inlet

  • Operates 20 oil & gas fields
    • Includes 14 offshore platforms
  • Operates assorted storage, pipeline, marine terminal & office facilities
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