Who we are

Hilcorp, founded in 1989, is one of the largest privately-held oil and natural gas exploration and production companies in the United States. Headquartered in Houston, TX, Hilcorp has over 1,350 employees in multiple operating areas including the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana, the Northeast United States, and Alaska’s Cook Inlet and North Slope.

Our formula is to grow the company by leveraging our core competencies and operational expertise. Our proficiency in these key areas has resulted in significant growth over the last several years. Hilcorp is consistently acknowledged for its culture, values and ethics. In fact we have been recognized by multiple, local and national, publications as one of the best places in America to work.

Hilcorp has also been commended for its unique programs that foster charitable giving by its employees and our emphasis on partnering with the communities in which we operate. We take great pride in our accomplishments and strive to maintain a culture that will allow for continued growth.


Discovered more than 20 years ago but never developed, The Liberty Project, a partnership between Hilcorp Alaska and BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., has a history that dates back to 1982, when the first of four wells were drilled in the area. BP acquired the tracts and filed its first development plan in 2000 but did not commercialize the project. Hilcorp purchased 50 percent of the field in 2014 and filed its Development and Production Plan in December 2014.

Alaska has a 30-year record of safely operating offshore in the Arctic.

The Liberty Project builds upon years of proven technology and safe operation in the shallow waters off of Alaska’s north shore. Endicott, the first offshore oilfield in the Beaufort Sea, came on-line in 1987, followed by Northstar in 2001, Ooguruk in 2008 and Nikaitchuq in 2011. All have maintained responsible operations without major incident and continue to consult with local communities on their activity.