Development Plan

The development plan calls for construction of a self-contained island connected to land by a subsea pipeline. Other islands of this type were safely constructed and have been developing Alaska’s offshore resources responsibly for nearly 30 years: Endicott, Northstar, Oooguruk and Nikaitchuq.

Drilling and Production Island
The 9.3-acre, manmade Liberty Island will take an estimated two years to construct and require about 833,000 cubic yards of gravel to be excavated from an onshore gravel mine. The island will have facilities for drilling, production, production support, utilities, camp and relief-well area. The outer perimeter will be heavily armored using proven North Slope technology.

While the island location is near shore, no permanent road or causeway will connect Liberty Island to the mainland. Personnel and equipment will be transported via helicopter or boat. An ice road may be constructed during winter months to support ongoing activity.

Subsea Pipeline
Oil will be transported to shore via a subsea pipeline, then through a newly constructed 1.5-mile conventional pipeline that ties into the Badami pipeline — and eventually the trans-Alaska pipeline. The subsea pipeline will be a pipe-in-pipe, with a 12-inch-diameter inner pipe and a 16-inch-diameter outer pipeline similar to other offshore installations. The marine segment will be 5.6 miles in length, buried and installed during winter.

Download the Development & Production Plan